What Drives RLegal Engineering?

At RLegal, we are passionate about helping our clients to bring positive change and disruption to the legal industry. Helping you to solve problems, increase efficiency, and optimise the way legal services are delivered is our specialty. We are looking to build long term relationships with people who share our passion for change and innovation in legal.
“Thanks to Rob, we’ve managed to launch document automation across the business at Sky and we’ve already seen fantastic adoption of the tool. Rob has been teaching me the coding and other aspects of the project. He is insightful, patient and a pleasure to work with. I have learnt a huge amount in a very small period of time. Rob’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious and I have developed a real passion for coding.”

Laurie Tucker, Legal Operations Specialist at Sky.

“I have engaged with Rob in several capacities over the last couple of years, but most recently as a client of RLegal Engineering. Rob was fantastic to work with, prompt, helpful and deeply knowledgeable on the document automation task I sought his help on. I would definitely engage Rob again.”

Sean Massingham, Director at Ufanisi Legal Solutions.

“Rob is committed to doing the best possible job for his clients and continually strives to develop systems and solutions which deliver tangible benefits to business practice. Having worked closely with him on a number of projects, I have always been impressed by his drive and enthusiasm.”

Catherine Cadman, Head of Knowledge at Bedell Cristin.

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Why choose RLegal?

“…fantastic to work with, prompt, helpful and deeply knowledgeable”.

“…enthusiastic, a quick learner, commercial and inventive. A pleasure to work with.”

“Rob is committed to doing the best possible job for his clients and continually strives to develop systems and solutions which deliver tangible benefits to business practice… I have always been impressed by his drive and enthusiasm.”

“If you are looking for someone to challenge conventional thinking, deliver a solution that could transform your business, you need to work with Rob.”

“The quality of his work is exceptional”

Success is about more than just legal tech – our approach is based on these core values:

  • People first – people are at the heart of every successful project.
  • Quality – much of legal service delivery is about managing or reducing risk, as is changing it.
  • Reliability – We’ll be there to support you throughout your journey.
  • Continuous Improvement – implementing your project is just the beginning.

If you support our vision and share our drive for operational excellence, we would love to hear from you.

Our Legal Tech Clients

Our proven track record of successful implementations spans from international law firms and global corporations, to innovative start-ups and individuals looking to upskill.

ARM Document Automation

Client Case Study – Successfully Implementing Document Automation at Arm

We asked Phil Jones, (VP, Business Digital Transformation at Arm) for his feedback on working with RLegal Engineering and the impact of the project.

“Over the last two years, we have dramatically improved the way we do business with our customers by using contract automation to completely re-vamp our Licensing process, reducing contract size by an order of magnitude (ie a 90% reduction) to:

• Dramatically improve efficiency not just for our internal teams (Legal, Sales, Operations) but also our customers,

• Increase the speed with which we can generate contracts (think minutes, not hours),

• Require only one or two signatures for a particular deal, and

• Reduce the time it takes the customer to review our contracts – not just by reducing the number of pages, but by also using clear, simple, reasonable wording.

And all this without increasing Arm’s risk, or making any substantive changes to the legal terms.

Overall, it all adds up to a substantially better customer experience, and the customers have been raving about it, in many cases accelerating the time it takes to agree deals from weeks to days.

Robert Lankester was a key member of the team that made this happen, as our primary document automation expert, using his extensive experience and skills to ensure we were able to produce documents that had the same exact look-and-feel as our conventional contracts, while using sophisticated techniques to keep the wording tight and coding to a minimum.

The project had wide visibility within Arm, and through it all Rob was a pleasure to work with, delivering results right first time, on-time, and able to explain complex concepts in a way that were easy for the broader team to understand.”

Phil Jones
VP, Business Digital Transformation at Arm

Robert Lankester


Rob Lankester
Founder and Director, RLegal Engineering Ltd.

“Having seen first-hand the challenges faced when implementing successful legal tech projects, I was inspired to set up RLegal Engineering to share my expertise and make a real difference. I love working with a wide range of clients across the world, and I aspire to make the process of change itself as rewarding and enjoyable as possible whilst delivering tangible business benefits. I am always looking to achieve the best possible outcomes for my clients and their clients.”

Armed with 16+ years experience of leading change in legal operations, Rob combines his background as a business analyst and project lead with deep expertise in legal technologies such as document and workflow automation, chatbots, CLM and matter management; to provide unrivalled professional consultancy and implementation services. For more detail and to contact Rob personally please visit his Linkedin page.

“Rob is committed to doing the best possible job for his clients and continually strives to develop systems and solutions which deliver tangible benefits to business practice. Having worked closely with him on a number of projects, I have always been impressed by his drive and enthusiasm.”
Catherine Cadman
Catherine Cadman
Head of Knowledge at Bedell Cristin

Rob’s work at at BLP (now BCLP) was featured by Thomson Reuters as a Contract Express Customer Success Story.

Rob and David Halliwell from Pinsent Masons LLP discuss the motivation and impact behind implementing drafting and document automation software.


How RLegal can help

RLegal Engineering provides a wide range of services including on-site implementation consultancy and outsourced automation services. Through document automation, workflow and related technologies (such as e-signatures), RLegal Engineering helps clients to improve their processes, be more efficient, reduce turn-around times, manage risk and improve the quality and consistency of work.

PC screen

Why document automation works

We use market leading document automation software to improve efficiency and reduce risk - returning an efficiency saving of over 83% on average across the many hundreds of documents we've automated for international law firms and large corporations. As an example, one suite of documents automated for the Construction sector saves around 5 hours per use.


The document automation process

Following initial consultation, we apply logic to the template(s) and publish them to a secure online portal. The users answer a dynamic set of questions to produce their documents.

Legal Document Automation, Project and Process Improvement Specialists

Experts at leading business change and legal tech projects, we’re here to help you and your law firm or corporate team to transform the way you do business. RLegal has unmatched proficiency in implementing innovative technology – delivering an average efficiency saving of over 83% with document automation.

Our end-to-end experience in legal tech, and deep expertise in document and workflow automation, gives us the skills needed to streamline legal processes and optimise the client and employee experience.

Discover Our Legal Engineering Services

Strategic Legal Engineering Consultancy & Project Leadership Services

Our professional legal engineering consultancy is designed to provide the expert help you desire at every step of the way.

  • Client Facing – Use legal tech to win new clients and strengthen existing client relationships.
  • Resource Planning – Optimise the approach to resource allocation and project delivery in order to maximise buy-in and return on investment.
  • Project Management and Business Analysis – Ensuring your project is delivered effectively to meet business requirements on time and within budget.
  • Training & Support – Embedding best practices through training and support to ensure long term project success whilst upskilling existing employees.
  • Business & Stakeholder Engagement – Getting early engagement right is crucial to the success of any legal tech or process improvement project.
  • Data Analytics – Exploring data in a precise and methodical way to understand the problems facing your firm and, for example, when building the business case for or measuring the benefits of automation.

Typical project phases:

  • Initial scoping/mark-up
  • Automation
  • User testing
  • Further amends/changes made and re-test as required
  • Sign off and launch
  • Ongoing maintenance, updates and further changes

From the automation of a simple document to complex ‘suites’ of multiple documents, this could vary from ad-hoc automation to a fully outsourced automation service.

From the deep experience I have working with and automating legal documents, and out of necessity in order to gain buy-in from internal lawyers, I have the ability to automate documents with little or no mark-up if this is required.

Strategic Advisory and Other Consultancy Services

Client Facing

Helping law firms use document automation to win new clients and strengthen existing client relationships. A top 4 UK clearing bank I worked with whilst at BLP (now BCLP) had the following to say in Legal Business (Issue 278 (Oct/Nov 2017)) :

“The things that are making a difference to us now are how well firms engage with technology. We recently reviewed one of our lending platforms and the law firm we worked with we chose because of the way their head of technology and their automation team worked to come up with an automated document solution.”

Project support/leadership

  • Requirements gathering
  • Supplier selection
  • Building the business case
  • IT implementation and system integration
  • Liaising with all areas of the business to ensure the project is delivered on time and to meet the requirements

Business/stakeholder engagement

  • Scoping out potential opportunities for automation
  • Building demand and a pipeline of documents to be automated
  • Carrying out demonstrations/presentations, or guidance for team members in this regard
  • Improving end user adoption/usage (including end user training sessions)

Resource planning

Including support with recruiting new internal resources if required.

Training and support

For internal automation resources (post implementation).
Establishing automation best practice – naming conventions, change control/governance processes etc.

Data analytics

(all phases).

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