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RLegal Engineering – Leading Change: Support in Difficult Times

At RLegal Engineering, we understand that leading change is hard. Generally speaking, people don’t like change, however much we try to convince ourselves otherwise. In Dr Steve Peters excellent book (The Chimp Paradox) he talks about our “inner chimp” and how our brains are hard-wired to fight, flight or freeze in the face of danger. Change involves perceived risk (potential for danger) and therefore our inner chimp brings out those natural responses and feelings of anxiety. In the context of specific projects, these feelings are not isolated to end users/recipients of the change, but also those people who are instrumental in the implementation itself. Then there are those brilliant “change champions” who are not only trying to adjust to the changes themselves but are also helping others to do so at the same time.

So it’s hard for everyone, and even harder when there are so many uncertainties and challenges impacting our wider personal and professional lives. I have just completed my 13th year in Legal Ops/change, and have experienced the challenges (psychological as well as practical) of leading change from within large organisations as an employee and (since April 2018) as an independent consultant. Being a single voice in the (virtual) room can feel isolating at the best of times, let alone when you are actually self-isolating. I feel it’s really important for all of us to reach out to each other, and particularly to listen. Therefore, I have decided to offer free consultancy to anyone (at any level) who works in this difficult field.  Perhaps you want a mentor, or someone neutral to bounce ideas off in confidence, or just to have a chat? Whatever it is, please reach out to me via the Contact Us form on this website or by connecting and sending me a DM on LinkedIn. Thank you for reading this post.